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Bilježenja grada - Bilježenja vremena

Zagreb, Croatia 2005- oo

This project, a multi-annual venture of “Shadow Casters/Bacači Sjenki” in collaboration with several Croatian and International NG organisations (BLOK, CDU, ARL, REX/B92, BOOKSA) and city (Nova Gallery) and state institutions, deals with detecting, archiving, studying and exhibiting the documentation on artistic actions in public space as well protests and public gatherings (we started in Zagreb) from 1900 to this day.

It strives to capture all the ephemeral events, which left mainly immaterial traces in the cultural, social and political history of that city.

The read thread of the project is the work on tracing documentation (film, video and sound recordings, photographic and written documents, testimonies, material traces etc.) by contacting authors, participants and witnesses.

Yet, besides being a documentation process, «Re-Collecting City, Re-Collecting Time» also offers the artistic reflection of the phenomena it documents, in this phase, through two media.

One is the so-called «open offices»: three or more times a year, the project is hosted by various public spaces (galleries, bookstores, cultural clubs...) for a week during which a series of events unfolds, including exhibitions and screenings of collected material, round table discussions on topics relevant for the project and interviews with those who come to testify on the events.

Another medium are the street display boxes (Wall Displays) of the temporarily closed Croatian Cinematheque cinema venue that are currently at the project's disposal, where each month a new theme is explored through presenting collages of various visual and written materials – a sort of new-day «wall newspaper». In most cases, the presented past events are connected to the actual city locations of the display boxes.

«Re-collecting City, Re-collecting Time» will conclude with the documentation (both on the past events and the one coming out of the project itself) being handed over to the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

This project is suported by Ministry od Culturu of Croatian Republic, Zagreb City Council for Culture and European Cultural Foundation.

Re-collecting city/Re-collecting time is also suported:
as the project within the collaboration platform Zagreb Cultural Capital of Europe 3000
within project Relations: projekt relations initiated by "Kulturstiftung des Bundes" www.projekt-relations.de
by Kontakt. The Arts and Civil Society Program of Erste Bank Group in Central Europe.
& by National Foundation for Civil society.

BGBV - Zidne novine 2/Wall Displays 2. -Zarez, 18. travanj/April 2007

I ovoga je puta projekt Bilježenje grada – bilježenje vremena uselio vlastiti koncept u oglasne ormariće Kinoteke, koji već godinama, nažalost, “zjape” prazni, te u svakom od tih sedam i/zdanja autori/ce spomenutoga projekta predočavaju uglavnom nezainteresiranim prolaznicima i rijetkim namjernicima, prikupljene materijale o akcijama u urbanoj mreži Zagreba

Uz projekt Bilježenje grada – bilježenje vremena: Zidne novine br. 2 Bacača Sjenki i [BLOK] – Lokalne baze za osvježavanje kulture, u suradnji s Centrom dramskih umjetnosti i Hrvatskim filmskim savezom, privremeno smještenog u sedam zidnih, oglasnih ormarića Kinoteke, Zagreb, od 22. veljače do 15. travnja 2007.
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Suzana Marjanić, Zarez, 18.travnja, 2007 "Ormariću, prostri se!"

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